• Trapper

    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    I have this brother who's life is a constant adventure. He is Caribou Cowboy. Just recently he earned his trapper license. And so his life takes on a new thrill. Just this week he trapped two wolves. Wolves in his area have become over populated and are now a local menace, the government has a bounty on wolves. As all things in Bradley's life he is incredibly successful. I have heard that wolves are hard to trap and Bradley has caught two in his first few weeks!

    As I look at these photos I long for home and the adventures of wilderness living. My week has been as polar opposite of catching wolves as can be... I mucked out my over cluttered storage room and while my house was in the chaos of organizing I decided to move Davina into Marion's room and give Lachlan his own room. Things got a little out of hand as pulling three rooms apart while mothering three kids is pure craziness, and though I have no wolves to show for my week, for the moment I have a few clutter free area's!

    The cabin in the above picture is where the cowboy in the above picture lives. Picturesque ~ picturesque!