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    Quiet Bags

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013


    We stole away

    Slipped south for some laughter illuminated by sunshine

    The whole of my husband’s family gathered for Disney

    I knew, as a mama to five, that we would need some quiet slipped in between all that wonder and enticement,

    A few stitches and some thoughtful care, four little bags for each of my three age group.

    Four for the big girls,

     Four for my boy stamped and sealed perfectly in the middle,

    Four for those babies whom keep me ever so full.

    Each tie stringed left over curtain material bag had some quite inside.

    Offering the perfect slow down during a perfectly exciting week


    Just a few of our magical moments


    Thursday, May 16, 2013

    It is as the leaves unfurl and sparrows have returned to alight upon their tree top balconies, singing forth the melodies of this season. It was on this eve when every mother listens for the gentle humming praises of motherhood, another Sparrow flew on from this world, taking with her the beauty song of her young life.

    Our friends, with their three blonds all ages under-knee, will lay forever their youngest.

    How do you bury a baby?

    With all her locks of silk and those eyes forever dancing?

    How can this ancient passing of time offer life and death in but a second?

    I’m a crumpled mess, with my babes all about and my grief falling moist about them, such grace to have five upon my lap, all this life, cherished as mercy from the grave’s view. Sparrow has taught me this, all I have is this second, tomorrow is not for today, I don’t live it for my own, because I am a Mother, and when these times come you only wish for one more second and then another and enough to fill a life and watch your babies join choruses of earth adding in the miracle of their lives. This is the wish of each Mother.

    But how when the sparrow’s song falls silent?

    And the next season is as cold as the earth that has covered your heart.

    When I kiss little fingers all tangled up with mine and I run tenderness over a wound and I wrap one all up in an embrace, I ache with love and it’s an ache that knows how fragile this beauty is.

    I hear the tenderness, a Father’s words before the piercing death of his own Son.

    ‘Not even a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.’
    Mathew 10:29
    There is fear in trust, but perfect love casts out fear.
    This is the only way to Mother.



    Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    I have seen green, so vibrant.
    Blossoms floating as a dream on spring’s softest breeze.
    I have caught glimpses of a new season through pictures
    The west has woken and in the far off east,
    But us
    Here in the middle of this Northern Land

    Must wait
    This is another of my lessons in patients,
    Not to hurry seasons on.

    The cold still clings, yet I yearn for more,
    To inhale slowly the warmth wafting through the forest
    I hush, listening for the song birds’ return,
    Eagerly I hope  for sight of a robin’s blazon crest.
    Search for shoots,
    Promises of a thousand hues.

    I feel like Noah,
    Praying for solid beneath a season of tossing.

    I say it to my girls; whisper it behind their veil of locks
    The way Noah coed it to a dove,
    ‘Bring me hope’
    Nothing came of my rushed desire.
    I watched mornings rise over winter long into springs season.

      Until one morning

    I washed and stored winter’s clothing the day I brought out sleeveless dresses of lights and whites
    and my little ones ran barefooted over meadows full of life.

    It all happened in a moment
    The familiar
    By the sweeping steady of a God whose rhythm is