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    Friday, May 29, 2015

    Hi All

    So it has been a while, I know, I know…

    Every-time I think I am going to write more often something or everything decides to change my plans. 

    Some wondered if I was pregnant... nope!

    This time my computer had a fateful fall. 
    Thankfully it was of no fault of mine, which in the history of our computers I have been very consistent in laying them to rest far before their time… 
    The downside is that it seems a few or all of my six children have inherited my ‘dropping’ skills. 
    Poor Roger, who has only ever bought one laptop and has managed to keep her running, though she has slowed some in her now geriatric years, so much so that I cannot load pictures onto her hard drive, apparently she works just fine… says my Dear Roger!  

    Which has put me out of commission until we sorted the dropped computer out. 

    In order to get caught up here I thought I would speed through the last few weeks of pictures and highlights. 

    Amaris broke her collar bone! She fell off her chair! 
    While seated!  
    Must have something to do with her extraordinary length and hight, this season she is wearing size 5T clothing and she is still only two! 
    Sweet thing! 
    She loved all the attention of her family and having her Mom and Dad to her self for a few days as I spent one whole day with her in and out of x-rays and Dr. appointments and the fallowing day she had her Daddy all to her self with the visit to the specialist. 
    Once a week Roger has a date night with one of the children, this is a one-on-one time for Daddy and child, we rotate through the children, so every five weeks they have this special alone time. Well on Amaris’s date night we asked her what she wanted to do with Daddy, clapping and dancing around in excited tones she sang “break my bone”! 
    Lets hope not! 

     The kids caught a lizard, named him Galileo. 
    The fallowing week they found a turtle, named him Sir. Isaac Newton. 
    They kept them both in our homeschool room, until they lost them both in our home school room. 
    It was a dramatic day when all my kids were calling and looking for Newton and Galileo. 
    When all hope of finding them was waning Marion plopped herself down and stated
     “to think of history without these two great minds”!

     The lime tree bloomed. 

     Lachlan turned five. 
    This face represents his character so well. 
    He fills me, my life with such joy!

    A fawn was found but feet from us, so close we could have reached out and stroked it. 
    We didn’t because this mama wanted to leave nature in nature and not run the risk of losing a third ‘scientist’ in our homeschool room. The children were disappointed, they got together to tell me so. 
    Pleaded/negotiated that in-place of a fawn they would except another exotic animal…like a dolphin, elephant or duck! 
    They saw I was unyielding so they retreated to the age old plea for a dog!

    All my dears are growing, lovely hey? 

    There are many details I am forgetting to be sure. But life is good and busy and so very blessed!