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    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    For each one of us, for you and for me, it is necessary first of all to love those in our own family. Maybe we have the suffering and the lonely and the crippled and the mentally ill in our own family: and we ha e no time – no time to smile at them. And love begins at home. If you really want to be God’s love in the world of today, begin to be God’s love in your own home first. And then you will become the sunshine of God’s love to everyone you meet.
    Mother Teresa

    Bundled in Love

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    Under a grove of cotton trees an early nineteen- hundreds one room schools house resides, now converted into our local post office. The floors creek with history and always builds the anticipation of a package or newsy letter. On a hard day, wrapped in cardboard was hand sewn love. Scalloped knitted edges, fabric of soft blues and white, warmth for my babe stitched up of all my favorite details.

    Such pleasure comes when my babe is bathed and blessed and bundled in such a gift.

    Nicola, Thank you! Your gift will always be treasured, used to warp pure love in pure love!



    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Heritage Breeds lay lovely eggs, coloured and speckled and each one different from the next.
    It is a joy to hear my hens clucking and my girls collecting with excited wonder at the blues and the greens.  
    Brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood farm days and the gifts of a simpler life.  

    My sister lives in a small farming town of B.C, she read to me from today’s local paper. I think this man had dirt under his nails and life in his soul.

    George wrote his own obituary he wished to be cremated and scattered on his farm, he was ninety years old.
    I am Just a Farmer Plain and Simple

    I’m just a farmer plain and simple not of royal birth but rather worker of the earth, I know not of riches but rather patches on my britches.

    I’m just a farmer plain and simple I know of drought and rain, of pleasure and pain I know the good the bad the happy and sad, I am a man of emotions, a man who loves this land and the beauty of its sands.

    I’m just a farmer plain and simple I know the spring’s fresh flow and autumn’s golden glow, of a new borne calf’s hesitations and an eagle’s destination.

    I’m just a farmer plain and a simple I know of tall pines and long waiting lines, I know the warmth of camp fires and agony of flat tires.

    I’m just a farmer plain and simple.

    I’m a man who loves his job and the life that I live

    I am just a farmer plain and simple, I am reaper of a harvest, I’m the sower of seeds and I’m the tender of stocks.

     I’m just a farmer plain and simple I know of planting corn and bailing hay and animals going astray, I live in a complicated world but my faith guides me. I’m just a farmer plain and simple.


    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Our oldest darling increased her age to eight this last weekend.

    She was delighted with her celebrations of treats, gifted crafts, and pierced ears.

    She truly is a treasure!