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    Pics 1: Around Town

    Sunday, December 2, 2007

    National Monument. And, yes this is the Malaysian National Monument. It was designed by an American and much to the dismay of many Malaysians, looks very American.

    Marion's favourite place in KL is Butterfly Gardens.

    Sweat beads. It was 38degC yesterday!

    Monkey's crossing

    This is the park where I often meet Rose, Marion and Davina for lunch.

    Marion calls this the "Spiderman Castle".

    View of the Petronas Twin Towers(3rd and 4th highest buildings in the world) from the KL Tower.

    The other side of KL. Who would ever eat at a restaurant like this?

    Or this?

    Christmas trees are appearing in the strangest places.

    Pics 2: At Home

    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Marion wanted to have a Canada Day parade, so Rose and her made these flags in school and we lined up her barbies and threw candies while singing 'Oh Canada'!


    Dress up!

    Marion modelling her new clothes.

    Pics 3: More London

    We were going through our London photos and thought we'd put some more up.

    Trafalgar Square.

    Waiting to meet the queen.

    Sleeping babies. Ahhh.

    I like London.