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    Canada is Calling

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    (I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet was not working. So here it is on Monday.)

    Ah the end of a very long week! We had to fire our house help this week. This was very hard and a decision Roger and I agonised over. But after a few tests and scrutinising grocery bills money was just not lining up. Nigerians are an emotionally driven people. The firing was draining…a lot of drama and emotions! It took a lot out of Roger and I! It was wonderful having my home to myself and doing all my own work…nice to know I can still take care of myself! After I cleaned my house (for the first time in a year and a half) Roger came home and was stunned by how clean our house can look…we thought it impossible…but when you do it your self…

    Today is one month till I leave for my home trip. For some reason once you allow your self to think of home and family it is extremely hard staying here! Homesickness has swept me off my feet. I have a lump of tears threatening to erupt at any minute. My thoughts and senses are overwhelmed with longing for Canada. I have picked up my Farley Mowat or L. M Montgomery books many times this week just to refresh my memories of Canada. My dreams are filled with the clean cool air of a Canadian breeze, sunset over the mountains, a birds song at dawn, spring quivering with life, lambs, rain puddles, laughter of my baby siblings, KateLynn’s brown eyes, family. It is time; my land is calling…

    The only thing that has kept my spirits up-lifted this week is the roses my friend brought me as a gift! Can you believe it? Roses! Roses! Here in my house! I have never seen roses in Nigeria so this is a treat beyond words! I have lingered over meals just to look at my flowers longer, I have had many more tea times, I have carried my flowers to what ever room I am working in…so as to not miss one moment of their beauty. Thank-you Amy…I needed those roses this week!

    Today Roger has played in a baseball tournament at the Chevron compound! I spent the whole morning coveting my neighbours home…and park…and pool…and windows that close…doors that shut…they have a large and functional compound. And very family friendly…unlike ours! The girls played for hours on the park and we talked to a fellow Canadian who happened to be at the park with his son! Canadian lingo was exchanged…a lot of A’s!

    Well I am off now to a ‘Chopin’ recital that we were invited to enjoy. I will close my eyes and let the music and my imagination whisk my off to the land of beauty refreshing me for the coming week.


    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Marion completed counting to 100 hundred yesterday...

    We have been slowly getting to know each of these numbers very well. After she has written the number on paper and counted out the number in buttons Marion brings the new number to the fridge. Where she can count and see them all day!

    Of course we celebrated...

    With a counting to 100 party!

    We invited all her friends...

    They came bringing the cutest gift of 100...

    They wore crowns and we counted...

    100 of these...

    Played games of doing tricks 100 times...

    Good job Marion!

    An Apron a day...keeps the Dr. away.

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Well not so much...we all have been fighting the cold this week. It started with my dear Roger getting sick. I loved nursing him with my herbal concoctions, then Marion got sick. She was so helpless and oh so adorable. I kept gushing over each of them as they were sick...but now that I have what they had I feel miserable and not at all as cute as the rest had looked!

    I have been happily enjoying myself while I make aprons. The girls and I each have a new one. I made them reversible so as to meet different moods...I think my apron is the most used item I wear. And it was high time I got one I loved!

    Finished product of play group. Paper flowers, to herald the coming of spring...

    Which then inspired me to make and hang these above Davina's crib

    Which now makes me think of her (Davina) being so cute the other day. She packed he play suite cases and sat on her little chair (which I recovered for her) She was calling Bampa (meaning Grandpa) and what I heard her say was " Bampa! I come on the skies (meaning airplane)okay! I come!" Then she would giggle to herself!

    Mom:"Marion you made this"? Marion:"Yes". Mom:"How do you know what a scale is?" Marion:"I just know!" Marion:"See the apples on the left and a banana on the right." Mom:"Marion how do you know left from right?!" Marion:"I just know!"

    And then this afternoon as I was sick on the couch I could not help but pull myself to take this picture of the girls waiting for their daddy to return home for lunch! What anticipation!

    Meningitis, security, and sixteen dollar sundaes!

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Here I thought I was having such a normal week, and wondered if I had anything to write about. And as I write I have realised what a ‘normal’ week has become for us living in paradise…aka…Nigeria!

    This week stared with news of a new form of meningitis sweeping through Nigeria. Affecting many. Davina is not fully inoculated for meningitis. She was to young before we moved here for her quadervalent vaccine. Roger and I have decided to quarantine our selves as much as possible for Davina’s safety. This has meant us spending a lot more time at home and no going to the orphanage. Which is hard for me. Also there has been a few extra security issues which is another reason to stay close to home.

    Roger needed to go off shore and deal with a fire that took place over the weekend. Davina, being Davina realised what a great time it would be to learn how to ‘faint’ every time I called for her! Her legs seem to stop working and she closes her eyes and lays very limp…except for the time she used up all the lip gloss, when she heard me, she ran like the wind! I laughed so hard punishing her was futile! But after the fifth time or so it’s not as funny!

    The girls and I did break out of our reclusive state to join in the celebrations for a friend, who this week has lived in Nigeria for a year! Always a thing to celebrate! We went to a new restaurant. It is very nice, easily been the nicest in Lagos! I could hardly tell I was in Africa until the bill came and the chocolate sundae the girls and I shared was sixteen dollars!

    Most of the time the lack of organisation in Lagos drives me wild, but on Thursday (so last minute) it was announced that it would be a long weekend… glad to have my hubby home for an extra day. As I lost all those days with him while he was away last week.

    My favorite pictures of the week, Miss Marion Monet.

    Well that was my week…