• Meningitis, security, and sixteen dollar sundaes!

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Here I thought I was having such a normal week, and wondered if I had anything to write about. And as I write I have realised what a ‘normal’ week has become for us living in paradise…aka…Nigeria!

    This week stared with news of a new form of meningitis sweeping through Nigeria. Affecting many. Davina is not fully inoculated for meningitis. She was to young before we moved here for her quadervalent vaccine. Roger and I have decided to quarantine our selves as much as possible for Davina’s safety. This has meant us spending a lot more time at home and no going to the orphanage. Which is hard for me. Also there has been a few extra security issues which is another reason to stay close to home.

    Roger needed to go off shore and deal with a fire that took place over the weekend. Davina, being Davina realised what a great time it would be to learn how to ‘faint’ every time I called for her! Her legs seem to stop working and she closes her eyes and lays very limp…except for the time she used up all the lip gloss, when she heard me, she ran like the wind! I laughed so hard punishing her was futile! But after the fifth time or so it’s not as funny!

    The girls and I did break out of our reclusive state to join in the celebrations for a friend, who this week has lived in Nigeria for a year! Always a thing to celebrate! We went to a new restaurant. It is very nice, easily been the nicest in Lagos! I could hardly tell I was in Africa until the bill came and the chocolate sundae the girls and I shared was sixteen dollars!

    Most of the time the lack of organisation in Lagos drives me wild, but on Thursday (so last minute) it was announced that it would be a long weekend… glad to have my hubby home for an extra day. As I lost all those days with him while he was away last week.

    My favorite pictures of the week, Miss Marion Monet.

    Well that was my week…