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    A Cradle Song

    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Another party for another Milner princess, or should I say birdie? Davina has somehow picked up the nickname birdie. Her room hosts birdie trinkets, and our favorite family poem is always directed towards Davina. In fact Marion beautifully recited this poem to Davina and our guests during the party.

    A Cradle Song

    What does little birdie say,
    In her nest at peep of day?
    Let me fly, says little birdie,
    Mother, let me fly away.

    Birdie, rest a little longer,
    Till the little wings are stronger.
    So she rests a little longer;
    Then she flies away.

    What does little baby say
    In her bed at peep of day?
    baby says, like little birdie,
    Let me rise and fly away!

    Baby, sleep a little,
    Till the little limbs are sronger.
    If she sleeps a little longer,
    Baby too shall fly away.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson

    This is one of my 'world travels' treasure. A bird cake stand.

    Bird bean bags for party favours...made by Mommy.


    Opening gifts...an engineer's way...slow and meticulous!

    Davina's first pair of wings and slippers...made with love by Mommy

    She is the most beautiful 'birdie' we have ever seen!

    Don't fly away too soon!

    Beloved Beauty

    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    This night has marked the passing of a baby into a toddler. Today she wakes to a New Year and a new age. Before shines the thrilling age of two with all the growth and exploration and passion a two year old encompasses. Behind her she leaves golden etched memories of newborn days.

    Davina was awaited with desire. We longed and prayed for a baby for eight long months. When we got the first glimpse of her through ultra-sound and we heard the perfect words ‘a girl’! I looked into Daddies eyes and a joyful tear spoke every word that was in our hearts. Never before has such anticipation swept us off our feet. On the eve of your birth we sat in your nursery and longed for you to come into our lives. Your birth was so peaceful and serene. The moment you were born a hush fel over the room. The doctor, nurse, Daddy and I were all moved to silence by your beauty and something you brought into the room; your spirit. The months that followed were the most dream like months of our lives. You brought so much joy into our family. I will never be able to share all the little moments that you have brought peace into my heart. As we moved around the world, often while we were on the move to a new country and home, apprehension and fear would get muddled in my heart, the comfort of you on my lap as my baby was all I needed to know I would be okay. There has been something about you that has bound us all up in your charming ways. Even strangers (all around the world) have come to tell us there is just something incredible about you.

    Davina Rose, our beloved beauty, treasure of our hearts. My girl who’s eyes sparkle and dance. Your sweet and jubilant ways entice and captivate many admirers. You are the handiwork of the heavens and have been gifted to us as a daughter, received in love and with great reverence to your creator.

    With great joy and love we welcome this morning Davina our TWO year old!

    It’s looking a bit like Valentines!

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    Marion’s birthday party was celebrated in love and lavish. Our family love language is celebration’s, so of course the fifth birthday of our oldest daughter would be a passed in grand delight. Marion had a few requirements:

    Pink: Check!

    Pretty: Check!

    Yummy: Check!

    The rest went a bit like this...

    When you make a little girl a tutu for her party this is what happens...



    Gift bags.

    Marion's book mark creations she made for her friends.

    The doll house was a big hit.

    The most beautiful reward, a flash of happiness from your little princes!

    Doll House Gift

    Saturday, February 7, 2009

    Marion opened her Birthday gifts this morning. That lovely snow kept us from returning home in time for Marion to open her gifts... in which I have been waiting for so long to give to her. I was given a beautiful wooden doll house by a family before they moved out of Africa. I have repainted it and ordered doll furniture online, I then made blankets, pillows and rugs. Marion's Grandparents added to the doll house giving so she has a very well furnished home! It was hard to keep my hands off of it ALL DAY, while Marion had her fun. But if I took a pic in the other direction you would have seen the un-packing drama...in which I spent the day putting things away. Not as glamorous as doll house play and much less epic then Marion's play!

    Madeline books from Bampa and Bama Milner


    Nusery in the eaves, how romantic.

    Kitchen and bedroom.

    Dinning and sitting room. Where apperently the Queen and Uncle Timmy came for tea. Marion said "they get along great, they talk about me"

    This picture does not do the outsides justice. Really it is so sweet, I just din't get the right shot of it.