• Daddy Post

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Well I am officially counting down till Roger’s return. This moment is 27 long hours until he is scheduled to walk through my doors. That is if the planned for tomorrow, three-day Nation wide strikes do not interfere with his travelling. I guess I should be preparing for a major disappointment. As if the stress of this morning was not disappointment enough…

    I got a call from my Mom early this morning informing me that some expatriates had been abducted from a rig off the coast of Nigeria. With this info I did a mad dash to a news web site and the headlines were upsetting! The pirates that lurk in the same waters that Roger has been working these last weeks took seven men. I knew that Roger was spending his day helicoptering to the many different rigs in that area. I spent the next hour trying to call Roger making sure he was not going to do anything risky like go off shore, or at least make sure he was taking extra security. I had no luck in getting through to him. So my day was amuck with nerves! I am happy to report he is safe, and had no idea of the recent attack.

    Need I say I will be overjoyed to have him home, once he has kissed us all I plan on lecturing him on how close that was to sorrow… and informing him that there will be no more trips to Eket!

    The wife has spoken!

    My hearts goes out to the men and their loved ones. Please join me in pray that they all be returned soon, safe and sound!