• Happy

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    I have a cold! Nothing quite like greeting your husband with a kiss as snot pours down your face! At least he had a cold also. It was oh so romantic with us both snotting on each other...must be true love! Cold or no cold we were all happy, happy, happy having him home! The cold is putting me a bit out of picture taking business. Marion did coherce me into taking a photo of her up-dated mouth and her block building. Kinda Cute!

    I visited my new friends Innocence and his Mother today. I struggle with knowing how to help. Bringing food and water seems so measly compared to their real needs. The mother has very little knowledge of how to care for a baby. Establishing this family in a safer home away form the streets presents a problem for income. There are not many mission shelters that except families or disabilities. Today was a discouraging visit as I got to see the real moments of their poverty.
    I feel so incapable of knowing what and how to help. For the best and the long term. I continue to pray for wisdom and clear direction.

    I am off to tend to my cold...