• Nature Whispers

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Every week I send my young students out searching. Searching for the spark of nature. The drawing of eyes too daily miracles. Patiently I have waited for the wonder to pull souls heavenwards. For them too know the God mirrored in nature.

    Today a hush fell over my oldest, I saw her chest rise with love, her breath pulled by heaven’s reflection.

    The warmth kaleidoscopeing the canopy of green. Her heart beating as the ancient King David. A praise escaping with her breath… “Mom it’s perfect”. I gather her joy in the folds of my arms and share the wonder.

    With Tennyson we


    ‘Tis not alone the warbling woods,
    The starred abysses of the sky,
    The silent hills, the stormy floods,

    The green that fills the eye –

    These only do not move the breast;
    Like some wise artist, Nature gives,
    Through all her works, to each that lives.

    My dear friends, I pray today nature whispers heaven to you.