• Humm...

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Today feels just a little like a Monday (must have something to do with those lovely break days) no complaints here! But with those Monday feelings along comes the crazy busyness. Have any of you Mother's noticed there is never really a REAL day of for us?


    I wonder what that’s all about!? I managed to sneak out for a few walks ~ alone, neglected the laundry and only fed my family salads. But now duty calls ~ merciless ~ The laundry is on cycle~way ~to~high~to~count and my children are crying starvation! I promised the girls a craft time and promised myself that I would get the laundry, cooking, violin practice, math lessons, floors washed and toilets cleaned!


    I’m A Little Behind!

    I am wishing you a craze free day!



    P.S My favorite clothing boutiques...

    Monsoon (Located in the U.K has no international shipping.)