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    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Please excuse my absence this week I have been spending my moments…family loving! My dear Roger arrived from afar setting my longing heart at ease. Ahhh… what a moment! it was as dramatic a moment as this with my very own Mr.Darcy.

    I wanted to post along the way this week but visiting 'til midnight is the way my family does it. So here it goes, I think in sequence!

    All my family was together except for Timothy…who was missed. But to be honest we had enough people as it was. A bunch of us stayed in the guest cabin; most nights there were eleven in the cabin. The Walton’s in us came out in the goodnight conversations that would circulate through the rooms in the dark.

    Here we all are.


    For me there is nothing quite like family. Because I have so many, my camera was never put to rest.

    I am excited for you to meet them… so here they are in our various activities throughout our reunion week.

    Where it all began:

    Jason the oldest of us all and his family.

    My lovely sister Shannon Duits...wife to Jason

    Dallas: Second son of the Jason Duits clan

    Katherine #4 in the family... and her man Josh.

    Josh and Memphis.

    Josephine the youngest.

    My own Mr.Darcy.

    Self photo's... with my new camera remote.

    Elizabeth is one heck of a spunky girl. Marion's best friend. The best bug catcher...ever!

    Bethany and Marion having a chat in the feild.

    My Dad designed and made this amazing swing in an hour! Did ya hear that...an hour! This swing is the best tear stopper there is. And you can get three babies occupied by one adult easily...genius!

    Fascination Street

    My parents had a brilliant idea of taking all the kids to the local toy store…Fascination Street…and letting them choose a toy! If the store was and inch smaller we would not have fit. All the children found a treasure, we made an wonderful memory and I think we made quite the impression on such a small town…the size of our family makes a scene most places we go!

    Canyon Ranch

    My brother Bradley - fifth in the family - works as a cowboy for the largest organic beef ranch in B.C. The company he works for is Blue Goose Organic Beef, but he works at the Canyon Ranch division. It is a beautiful ranch run by two wonderful people. Friends of my parents...John and Trudy. John has been teaching Bradley the ropes of cowboy-ing and horsemanship. I am so amazed at the job my brother gets to do. It is hard work but to think he rides through beautiful pristine...organic...country all day!

    I think you will all agree that it suits my brother perfectly!

    Jason our first cowboy!

    My cowboy.

    His captive.

    Horse rides on Bradley's horse Cruzer.


    That was our incredible day with my baby brother...who is now a cowboy...Thank you Brad for showing us around and making us all proud and a bit jealous of you.