• When the cats are out...

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    With both my Mom and I's husbands away with work...my Mom and I got to thinking... of what we could do while the men are away! Like a face lift to my Mom's kitchen?
    When the cats are away the mice come out to play...I say this because both my Dad and Roger would not let us touch a paint brush with a ten foot pole.

    We set to painting and changing the walls and counter tops from a rather umm...ugly kitchen colour scheme. Orange/yellow walls and blue counter tops! Just before my Mom moved she had redone her previous kitchen exactly the way she wanted. She then moved and was parted with her dear new kitchen. Her kitchen in her new home had a good foundation of potential...but it really needed some help. After one weekend, a few cans of sage green and soft yellow paint, lots of laughs and a few moments of fear (Mom wanted to keep this reno as a surprise for my Dad) we finished it with success! My mom is thrilled and I just love it that I finally got to paint something!

    Before pictures.

    After pictures.

    P.S My Dad returned last night to his 'surprise' he still loves us both...fewwww!