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    Sunday Psalms

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    God Most High is stunning,
    astride land and ocean.

    Psalms 47:2 The Message


    Today me and my brood of beauties made are way to the local farmers market. What a feast of abundant goodness did we come home with. I had meant to grab my camera and photo our morning BUT of course I forgot! I do hope your having a weekend full summer pleasures.

    Send Me

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    I’ve been listening to a song that sent my spirit into contemplation. I have these moments when a word, a thought, a song takes me to a new place of understanding. This song moved me to a place of wondering… who am I for Christ? Have I served the human God spirit? Oh my friend, I wish you could know the hours I have spent looking and longing for my place of service. I begged God for an area to serve him in. I spent so much of my spiritual energy looking for the best places to serve. I ache looking back and realising how I was ignoring God. I hear now all the times my Father spoke and I passed his voice. I was afraid to hear his call because it required so much of me with very little ‘worldly’ gain. I asked God to find a thrilling adventure for me just like David Livingstone, to send me into the front lines of battle with aid for pained, like Florence Nightingale. I told God I would go anywhere do anything just to be caught up in his great plan…I just thought it would be grander then what he was asking of me.

    More then just mothering…

    It took a lot of humbling for me to love what ministry God placed me in.

    It was in the vanishing moments of my life where I realised I might never mother again, when God’s voice became the only voice.

    When everything was lost I grasp for the one thing I still had.

    I would love to be a servant unto the poor and needy, as I listened a hundred times over to this song I wondered have I served the poor? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul…. "Children are poor and needy".

    I would love to be a captivating minister of the gospel, leading the dark into the light. I wondered have I preached the gospel? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul… "Children need to be lead into my arms"

    I would love to embrace the downcast and grieving, shed tears with the weeping heart. I wonder have I held the broken? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul…"children long for comfort"

    I would love to bring nourishment for the weak, fuelling empty bodies. I wondered have I feed the hungry? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul…"meal after meal"

    I would love to commune with the lonely, listening, laughing with those alone. The spirit of truth whispered…"in every child like conversation"

    I long for my story to be etched in with the great servants of history. Not with my name, but those of my children.

    I desire to fallow…
    Here am I, send me, touch the coal to my mouth, send me
    To serve the least of this world…

    As a Mother
    If you would like to listen to the amazing song that has me thinking go here: http://michaellarson.com/ to down load the free song Send Me.

    World of Her Own

    Here is our dear girl in her own world. I found her early this morning out doors on her bike. She dressed her self... Ballet suite is a very fitting choice of attire...for a three year old girl. I have only told her a thousand times not to wear her good white shoes (bought for 50 cents a thrift shop) on the farm. Her explanation "well they match my outfit"! What lady can argue that obvious logic?


    This little man keeps sweeping me off my feet with his beaming smiles!

    Blue Blossoms

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    I got this great picture at a treasure shop for ten bucks. I thought it would look great hanging over the master bed. The only set back to the art was the Blaring Gold frame. Of course I brought my white paint to the rescue...

    I like!


    Dear Daddy,

    Guess what I did? I slept through the night! Do you think it could be possible that Mommy might love me just a tad more this morning? I think she may because she is extremely endearing to me. I must comment on how good she looks now that she has had a proper beauty sleep, to bad your missing the good things that are going on around here today!

    Luv you

    Daddy Hour

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Remember this hour? It's the time I like to call Daddy time, because babies seem to fuss just around the time Daddy should be coming home for dinner and just the right time to relieve a fussy mama! I think our babe cried loud enough to ring it's way to Africa!


    Think happy thoughts, O friend, in sunny weather!
    Let gladness and thy spirit, hand in hand,
    Wander across the daisied fields together
    And drink the cheer and sweetness of the land.
    So rich a store of memories thou shalt gather...

    Charles poole Cleaves

    Smiles in Gold

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    As he zipped his bags shut cramming his needs into a travel case, sealing his departure. Wet drops of love slither from my eyes, I turned to face the window and to hide my sadness. The sight of evening was settling in flecks of gold on natures limbs. Her rays begging me to see beauty, I beckoned my family to catch the light with me. Capturing (imperfectly) the joy of us as family, the months together, a new addition to our family. I look at this shutter caption of our life and am glad we smiled together on his last day!

    Dear Daddy,
    Mommy is going to TRY to snap me every day in your absence... So you wont have to miss a moment of my growth!

    Big Day

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Two months

    Two pictures

    for Daddy who is missing this big milestone.

    Sunday Psalms

    God promises to love me me all day,
    sing songs all through the night!
    My life is God's prayer.

    Psalms 42:8 Message

    Love Writen on the Lines of Life

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Feelings written with ink placed with thought on pages, words meant for another are precious. Letters given from my love are placed tenderly among my treasures, stored as jewels crowning my heart. The tangible love Roger wrote on the lines of our life this summer will dazzle bright forever. He wrote his love in the early mornings when he made breakfast, the way he unabashedly played with the girls, as he froze in the cold and sweated in the heat all to perfect the outer world of our house, time stood still when he looked deep into my eyes, the strength he gave as he held my hand through the birth of our boy, it was shouted as he gazed with pride at his baby boy. I can never relive these last months, but I will always feel the love that was given. I said good-bye and my heart was pained because of this time that ends with his departure. And as the tears slipped over our kiss I gave him a letter written with ink, pale in comparison to the actions of love he wrote me every moment of the last months, I am Thankful and will hold this summer tight with joy.

    He Hung the Houses...Just For Me

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    In true reflection of the kindness he gives me, my love spent a large section of his last moments hanging little houses in our trees. So that my heart would feel comforted by the beauty of the birds. Knowing that in his absence nature would sooth my ache. He's awful thoughtful and knows the details of my soul enough to hang houses of love from every window view!


    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    I have a painful ache lingering in my chest. The one that makes it hard to breath and holds captive your emotions. I have become all to familiar with the terrible feeling of another good-bye. My goal was to not even allow my mind to wonder to the farewells ahead, I tired not to cross that abyss until needed! But here I am with yet one day left and my heart is in my throat throbbing away. Can you not see how dreadful it is to say good bye to a guy who looks this killer on a bike! Honestly people these are the goods I have been able to look and enjoy every second of the last ten weeks...

    How will I fare with out him?!

    Pray do tell!

    House of Dreams...Outer Facade

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Hello Friends. How goes your weekend? Ours has been sunny and pleasant. I finally had a mere ten minutes to rush and take some photos of the outer side of our home. My Dad, Roger and little brother Kris all spent some tender loving care on it's exterior. We still need to paint the doors, bringing them from black to green. The sage green colour Roger chose is perfect! It brings out the river rock and I think makes the house very endearing in look. It has the welcoming charm I so desired for my home. It has been fun watching with anticipation the garden patches bloom, touches of beauty left behind by previous owners. The beds need a touch of cultivation but that will be in springs to come (I intend to spend my winter thoughts dreaming and planning my flower gardens).

    I am sure by now you realize I love-LOVE my home. I love each little nooke and cranny, I love the details, the country elements, the family friendliness, I simply love it. My love goes deeper then the physical elements of this home, you see, before when my 'House of Dreams' was just that, I would wish for touches such as river rock on the exterior, a front veranda, acreage littered with flower beds, a home-school room built in the eves above a garage, I dreamt a million details God alone would know. I thought I would have to design and build this 'house of dream' on my own. How humbled by gratefulness I am because all the details were built into this home when I was yet a child, long before I started dreaming. Only God could have painted my dreams into existence...

    For that I am grateful and for those reasons I love this home!

    Back Yard

    Roger and Kris spent many hours bringing this back area to life. Painting and staining! It is seamless to the nature that surrounds it, which is just what I had hoped for. There were a ton of planter pots that came with the purchase of our home. One slight problem, they were the brightest blue you could find. Not one to waist I bought some spray paint from good-old Walmart and revamp them green. They turned out great and saved another type of green we prefer to keep in our wallets! We also inherited three awesome park benches, rusted and eclectic in colour, these also got a spray of green and were salvaged for use. It has been a busy few months of fix-up, clean-up and many other types of ups. We plan on sitting back this next last week Roger is in Canada and enjoying the fruits of our work.