• House of Dreams...Outer Facade

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Hello Friends. How goes your weekend? Ours has been sunny and pleasant. I finally had a mere ten minutes to rush and take some photos of the outer side of our home. My Dad, Roger and little brother Kris all spent some tender loving care on it's exterior. We still need to paint the doors, bringing them from black to green. The sage green colour Roger chose is perfect! It brings out the river rock and I think makes the house very endearing in look. It has the welcoming charm I so desired for my home. It has been fun watching with anticipation the garden patches bloom, touches of beauty left behind by previous owners. The beds need a touch of cultivation but that will be in springs to come (I intend to spend my winter thoughts dreaming and planning my flower gardens).

    I am sure by now you realize I love-LOVE my home. I love each little nooke and cranny, I love the details, the country elements, the family friendliness, I simply love it. My love goes deeper then the physical elements of this home, you see, before when my 'House of Dreams' was just that, I would wish for touches such as river rock on the exterior, a front veranda, acreage littered with flower beds, a home-school room built in the eves above a garage, I dreamt a million details God alone would know. I thought I would have to design and build this 'house of dream' on my own. How humbled by gratefulness I am because all the details were built into this home when I was yet a child, long before I started dreaming. Only God could have painted my dreams into existence...

    For that I am grateful and for those reasons I love this home!

    Back Yard

    Roger and Kris spent many hours bringing this back area to life. Painting and staining! It is seamless to the nature that surrounds it, which is just what I had hoped for. There were a ton of planter pots that came with the purchase of our home. One slight problem, they were the brightest blue you could find. Not one to waist I bought some spray paint from good-old Walmart and revamp them green. They turned out great and saved another type of green we prefer to keep in our wallets! We also inherited three awesome park benches, rusted and eclectic in colour, these also got a spray of green and were salvaged for use. It has been a busy few months of fix-up, clean-up and many other types of ups. We plan on sitting back this next last week Roger is in Canada and enjoying the fruits of our work.