• Four Boys

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    I am smitten by my four nephews. All of whom are blond haired and blue eyed and strapping in structure. Our families spent the day warm chattering and loving on each others babies.

    I was reminded so thoughtfully by my four year old nephew "Auntie I know who you are, you're the one who got an arrow in her butt when she was little" I was slightly embarrassed...but the twinkle in his blue eyes revealed that he kinda thought I was cool because once upon my childhood his daddy had shot my bottom with an arrow...hey whatever makes that little heart throb happy, makes me happy!

    Did I mention that my new nephew is perfect? Did I mention that my sister in law should get a award for raising four boys in four years, with grace and patients and looks beautiful ALL THE TIME? Did I mention that my older Brother is wise and gracious and the best older brother one could have? Well now I have...