• Send Me

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    I’ve been listening to a song that sent my spirit into contemplation. I have these moments when a word, a thought, a song takes me to a new place of understanding. This song moved me to a place of wondering… who am I for Christ? Have I served the human God spirit? Oh my friend, I wish you could know the hours I have spent looking and longing for my place of service. I begged God for an area to serve him in. I spent so much of my spiritual energy looking for the best places to serve. I ache looking back and realising how I was ignoring God. I hear now all the times my Father spoke and I passed his voice. I was afraid to hear his call because it required so much of me with very little ‘worldly’ gain. I asked God to find a thrilling adventure for me just like David Livingstone, to send me into the front lines of battle with aid for pained, like Florence Nightingale. I told God I would go anywhere do anything just to be caught up in his great plan…I just thought it would be grander then what he was asking of me.

    More then just mothering…

    It took a lot of humbling for me to love what ministry God placed me in.

    It was in the vanishing moments of my life where I realised I might never mother again, when God’s voice became the only voice.

    When everything was lost I grasp for the one thing I still had.

    I would love to be a servant unto the poor and needy, as I listened a hundred times over to this song I wondered have I served the poor? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul…. "Children are poor and needy".

    I would love to be a captivating minister of the gospel, leading the dark into the light. I wondered have I preached the gospel? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul… "Children need to be lead into my arms"

    I would love to embrace the downcast and grieving, shed tears with the weeping heart. I wonder have I held the broken? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul…"children long for comfort"

    I would love to bring nourishment for the weak, fuelling empty bodies. I wondered have I feed the hungry? The spirit of truth whispered to my aching soul…"meal after meal"

    I would love to commune with the lonely, listening, laughing with those alone. The spirit of truth whispered…"in every child like conversation"

    I long for my story to be etched in with the great servants of history. Not with my name, but those of my children.

    I desire to fallow…
    Here am I, send me, touch the coal to my mouth, send me
    To serve the least of this world…

    As a Mother
    If you would like to listen to the amazing song that has me thinking go here: http://michaellarson.com/ to down load the free song Send Me.