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    Last Malaysia Update!

    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Well, This will be our last posting in Malaysia. It feels sad and exciting to be saying that. We have truly enjoyed our time here. And in many ways wish it could have been longer. But as the next chapter in our journey starts to take place we feel excited and ready for the new changes. We have been very busy getting our Nigerian visas............. It is a full time job moving from country to country! But we have everything in order now.

    The company sent us a DVD about life and work in Nigeria. It was wonderful to see what our life will be like. Roger is very excited to start his new job, it is going to be a really good challenge for him. Roger thrives on challenges! We have just found out what apartment we will be living in, finally I can make a home again! I am going home to Canada for a few months while Roger goes ahead of me to Africa and gets every thing in order. He will receive all our things from Canada and Malaysia, get our house painted, hire a driver and maid. He also needs to do a bunch of traveling in Nigeria. We thought it would be best for me to 'stay out' of his way as those first few months of living in Lagos seem to be very crazy and frustrating. Also Davina needs to wait a few more months before she can get her yellow fever vaccination, which I felt reluctant going with out it. We are so excited to see every one! I will be all over Western Canada in the months I am home as I plan on visiting my and Roger's parents and also spending time in Calgary. I have no set dates for my travel in Canada as I am waiting on some dates from family. But I will keep every one posted.

    We are saying good by to a wonderful part of the world. I am so much richer because I have been able to live here. The world is so much more beautiful then I could have imagined. It has been thrilling meeting and adapting to another culture. I feel so blessed to have the chance to travel not only within Malaysia but also other parts of Asia. I already look forward to coming back and seeing some other personal top travel destinations within Asia, like, the great wall of China, Vietnam, and of course I plan on going back to Bali, maybe for Rika's graduation. It is a very weird feeling knowing you may never do something again. Like when I go to the market or go buy my flowers knowing I may never do those things again here in Malaysia, oh my, it feels so sad. Leaving our down town apartment, the time has gone too fast. Again we may never live down town a large city ever again. I guess I need to get use to good-byes. That is one consistent thing about living and moving around the world!

    I feel very torn over this move, sad to say good-bye to Malaysia but so excited about moving to Africa. I will add some photos of the last month and also some photos of the girls birthdays. We love you all and am looking forward to seeing every one in Canada!

    Valentine's Day Chocolates

    Valentine's date to the symphony

    Davina's first birthday present

    Ride at the mall.

    Ice Cream Fondue!

    Red lanterns for Chinese New Year.

    To me (Roger) this picture is the epitome of KL. This is the kind of thing you see down every street; huge towers, some fancy facades, mass commercialism, a decrepit building or two, decorations hanging on every lamp post, crazy taxis, and ofcourse traffic signals that nobody follows.