• The Girls Wing {Davina & Amaris's Room}

    Tuesday, July 7, 2015

    This morning, after dropping off half-my-half-dozen kids at day camp, with a quieter house and only half the mouths to feed. 
    I found myself  with a few unspoken for minutes, a rare and thrilling moment of free time! 
    Well you ask, what did I do with it?  
    Tidied up the girlies room... 
    It was pure uninterrupted luxury! 

    I even got some pictures!
    Though only a few imperfect, out-of-focus ones!
    But hey rather imperfect then never! 

    Welcome to Davina & Amaris’s room.
     It is one of the two rooms in the 
    Girl's Wing
    which is up the main stair case. 
    Marion has the other room. 
    Both rooms are located at the top level of the house built into the eves and gables giving the room character and quaint dimensions. 

    When we bought the house this room was lovely to begin, with huge windows and lots of natural light, it just needed a slight infusion of sweetness; seeing as two lovely and sweet girls were going to be sharing it. 
    We painted the walls, put in hardwood floors and switched the brass hardware i.e. lights, nobs, doorhandles for brushed copper and white. 
    Those few changes brightened this room remarkably and added a whole new depth of character. 
    We were able to see a darling room come into existence. 

    In each of our children's room we have written out, framed and hung their ‘blessing’
     {chosen for them from the Bible}
    on the wall. 
    This little corner has both Davina and Amaris’s, which we pray/speak over them every night during tuck-in time. 

    It is a beautiful personal touch. 

    Each room in the Girl’s Wing came with a sweet little bathroom built into the gables. 
    We put Amaris and Davina in this room because it’s bathroom has a tub and the other has a shower {which Marion wanted!} 

    Little Birthday Kitchen

    This last week we celebrated Amaris’s third birthday. 
    We gave her this kitchen. 
    Mama had much joy in putting together this little corner of play 
    for my sweet darling!

    In the pictures bellow you can see we had already removed the carpet {which was brown} just by taking out the carpets the room was improved.  
    All it still needed was a coat of paint and some updated hardware and it was complete!

    Thank you for sharing letting me share my sweet lovelies room!