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    I Blink...

    Monday, November 19, 2012


    I blink and a week is gone

    The last was spent pleasures in the company of my Mother-in-Law

    She knitted with my girls, cuddled with the babies and was smitten by my boy.

    She cooked and cleaned and helped in every way

    We are blessed, tucking memories treasures into our hearts.


    Natures Ability

    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    One of the great pleasures of my life is home educating my children. Each little person in my life has a unique mind and learning style. I am constantly seeking wisdom in teaching and training these wonderful lovelies. 
     My most cherished education recourse is the grand outdoors, I marvel at natures ability in leading each of my students to great discoveries, engaging all learners and their unique styles and blessing intelligence in simple peaceful ways.


    Gifts of Home

    Monday, November 5, 2012

    My darling, that wild boy who captured my heart long ago,
    Read my last weeks words from a distant and decided upon his return he was going to love me with 
    an awfully generous gift!
    A set of lovely newness to warm our nook of living. 

    My gratefulness curls here with my babies watching the sky and trees meet imaginations.
     I sit awhile and talk sweet treasures over distant lines to that wild boy who always seems farther away then I like.
    When the house finally hushes, my evenings find rest with tea and those books that have become companions.

    In these transitions days one of these dear friends has been a constant.
    Lines and lines of simple wisdoms that draw me yet again to awareness that home is a sanctuary and should be sensitively cared for,
    the everyday ordinary encased in splendour.

    Homes absorb immense amounts of time and energy.
    This effort is satisfying if one has a balanced schedule and can cover the essentials without too much stress. Essentials include the extras to the everyday round that is part of human life-the celebrations, reunions, disappointments, depressions, sickness, disasters.

    Homes work best when someone is the contented keeper of home life.
    Homemaker is a good description. It really is worth giving full attention to this vital task.

    Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
    Couches and Pillows are lovely details

    But they are only the back drops to the loveliness of life.

    Fully lived through the blessed gift of home.


    Near Your Alter

    Thursday, November 1, 2012



    There was but a three day warning that our fifth was to be expected.

    The very week my husband started the new working routine of being away

    Far North

    Week gone - Weekend home


    A whirlwind of change

    But God always calms the wild

    Graces me with pockets of peace

    Preciously rare moments that hem the horizons of hectic days

    Dawn and Dusk

    Hours of Heaven

    Even the sparrow finds a home,

     The swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place

    Near your altar

    Oh Lord of heaven, my King and my God.

    What joy for those who can live in your house

    always singing your praises.

    Psalm 84
     My home has a new hum

    Patters of feet, a candid of conversations, lullabies,

    Whir of laundry, bruised exclamations, heralds of happy, trails of tears.

    Exhaustion is real, so is the heap of never conquered laundry, streaks of smudged finger prints and an endless scattering of toys with children who never remember to clean them up!

    At any given time a child needs my attention.

    Yet my home is the host of


    In the spirit of each of my blessings!

    I pray the wisdom of a sparrow

    That I may spread my wings safely over my young

    The promise is that




    Will fill my


    Knowing the assurance that there is nothing more beautiful

     Then a life rooted upon an

     Alter of service.