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    Polka~Dot Tears

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    I have gotten my self slightly lost in the world of endless possibilities or other wise known as...SEWING PATTERNS! It's a whole beautiful new world out there for me!

    First project finalized~ drum role please... bloomers, for my oldest girlie. Pink Polka~Dotty and oh so cute. I was sure my girls little life was enhanced with such sweet fashionables.
    My happy moment was short lived my friends, oh it was sad! As soon as the six year old saw them she lamented as to how "awful they were, and that she so strongly dislikes pink polka-dots that the only place she would ever consider wearing them was when she had the flu and was puking in bed!" I think she may have thrown in a couple of other offense like "she has no idea what I was thinking" when I tried to explain my vision (accompany dress in the tones of gray to match her new boots, for her to wear on her European excursion) she was adamant that she would never wear something like that and certainly never be found "walking through Europe in polka-dots!"

    Friends I was completely flabbergasted! I tell you I have dressed her in dots since the moment she was born! I have noticed a stream of opinions starting to flow in her vocabulary like how she thinks "apple pie is the worst invention ever" and that "blueberry jam is a waste of taste" but be reasonable girl don't attack the dots!

    I begged and bribed, just to try and see the dotted possibilities in her new outfit. She didn't even give me a budge! I reluctantly let it go putting my first pattern made garment away. This morning the first noise to my ears were those of my oldest whispering the words "were are my new bloomers" and now she has caused me a great amount of motherly confusion for Miss.Opinions has worn them darn dots all morning!

    The button flower was stitched by the main character of the above story.

    Sweet Gifts

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Living in Nigeria means you have to make your own fun and find ways to bring something special into your otherwise mundane days. Yesterday the spark was to send a friend a treat, which allowed me to have something small but enjoyable to accomplish during my day. Of course she will return the favour...like coming to my house this afternoon to teach me how to read a sewing pattern!

    Sunday Sets

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Our weekend ended with golden flare; the sun setting around our home warmed the dismal scape. Today we woke with rain heaving from the heavens as thick as tumbling walls. Moister so think it makes styling your hair pointless, five seconds after the primping is done your hair falls flat with dampness, so frustrating! It has been a common Monday, picking up from the weekend, getting kids back to school, chores and lessons. I am sure your time is as spoken for as mine is, so with Monday graciousness I will keep this short so you can get your week started.

    Weekend Enchantments

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    Weekend moments have been stolen away by dress~up, weddings and sweet loving!

    Hope there was a touch of enchantment in your weekend.

    Four Months of Riches

    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    As I held my boy this morning, his growth heavy in my arms. Every ounce I have watch with pure joy. He, the essence of heavens blessings. If I were to lose my wealth, my beauty, my life but have had a moment loving my children, my capacity of gratefulness would abound. With morning lighting his perfect features, I sealed my love with a gentle kiss, humbly knowing the sweet intimacy of motherhood was generously placed in my heart by a heavenly kiss. A gift richer then this worlds greatness could ever accumulate, the gift of mothering my beautiful boy.

    In My Tin

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Today I am in the kitchen with my girls.

    How about we meet here tomorow for a longer chat.

    Teachers Wishes

    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    Of course by now you know, my sweet lassies have started the school year around my table in our homeschool. The week has gone lovely, with smiles (a few tears) and lots of learning. I have been incredibly blessed to have a generous budget for school supplies this year. As expatriates, our company covers the girls education costs, seeing as homeschooling is much cheaper for our company to finance then lets say American International Schools or Boarding Schools abroad, they give us a fraction of that money to spend on school approved resources. It has been a fun shopping spree for this learning loving Mommy!

    But there are a few things that do not fall under 'needs' but I believe would enhance my teaching abilities! Such as inspiring art, wide open spaces, vintage readers, labels and leather nature journals...

    Maybe Mr.Principle would like to purchase and send this pretty teacher some doodads from around the web, just a thought!


    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    My first return to the vibrancy and chaos of Lagos streets. Everything takes place on the streets of Nigeria. From young boys selling peanuts, packages that read 'miss bimbo’; business carts selling containers of clean water, little people begging on roadsides. Marion or Roger commented that a drive though the streets of Lagos is as interesting as a National Geographic documentary. I would have to agree!

    First Day of School

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    The first moments of our school day dawned bright with anticipation. Crisp new books brimming with ideas called the girls to attention. Education starts with a well balanced meal, and truly who could resist taking pictures of my students in their school outfits! Please join us for a few moments of our little homeschool.

    The idea for a nature table came from a very inspiring women running with her idea I cleared off a table top and set out the learning tools I have for this science year. The only thing we are missing is the topic of discovery itself, an insect. Have no fear we are heading outdoors in just a few moments to collect ourselves some great African bugs (and trust me this place is crawling with all sorts of bugs!)

    Please follow the link over to another mama's homeschool, and get inspired yourself!


    Back to School Celebration

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Tomorrow the girls start their (home) school year. This years back to school celebration was held over, dinner, sparkling juice, brain foods and good conversation about the year ahead. In true Charlotte Mason style we completed our feasting with pleasures from the pages of books, planting delicate seeds of the love of learning, I hope to see grow in strength in the hearts and minds of my babes.

    Back to School celebration menu.

    See how these sweet students celebrated last year.


    "How large is the room in which he finds his feet set? And, therefore,how full is the life he has before him?"


    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    I never got around to writing yesterday, my apologies. By the time I had a few seconds to my self I just wanted to melt into the couch relishing the thoughts of the upcoming weekend...

    The highlights that squeezed through the busyness of the day were 1 adorable baby, 2 charming girls and our stewardess children's first glimpse of a white baby!

    Happy Saturday folks.