• Polka~Dot Tears

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    I have gotten my self slightly lost in the world of endless possibilities or other wise known as...SEWING PATTERNS! It's a whole beautiful new world out there for me!

    First project finalized~ drum role please... bloomers, for my oldest girlie. Pink Polka~Dotty and oh so cute. I was sure my girls little life was enhanced with such sweet fashionables.
    My happy moment was short lived my friends, oh it was sad! As soon as the six year old saw them she lamented as to how "awful they were, and that she so strongly dislikes pink polka-dots that the only place she would ever consider wearing them was when she had the flu and was puking in bed!" I think she may have thrown in a couple of other offense like "she has no idea what I was thinking" when I tried to explain my vision (accompany dress in the tones of gray to match her new boots, for her to wear on her European excursion) she was adamant that she would never wear something like that and certainly never be found "walking through Europe in polka-dots!"

    Friends I was completely flabbergasted! I tell you I have dressed her in dots since the moment she was born! I have noticed a stream of opinions starting to flow in her vocabulary like how she thinks "apple pie is the worst invention ever" and that "blueberry jam is a waste of taste" but be reasonable girl don't attack the dots!

    I begged and bribed, just to try and see the dotted possibilities in her new outfit. She didn't even give me a budge! I reluctantly let it go putting my first pattern made garment away. This morning the first noise to my ears were those of my oldest whispering the words "were are my new bloomers" and now she has caused me a great amount of motherly confusion for Miss.Opinions has worn them darn dots all morning!

    The button flower was stitched by the main character of the above story.