• Teachers Wishes

    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    Of course by now you know, my sweet lassies have started the school year around my table in our homeschool. The week has gone lovely, with smiles (a few tears) and lots of learning. I have been incredibly blessed to have a generous budget for school supplies this year. As expatriates, our company covers the girls education costs, seeing as homeschooling is much cheaper for our company to finance then lets say American International Schools or Boarding Schools abroad, they give us a fraction of that money to spend on school approved resources. It has been a fun shopping spree for this learning loving Mommy!

    But there are a few things that do not fall under 'needs' but I believe would enhance my teaching abilities! Such as inspiring art, wide open spaces, vintage readers, labels and leather nature journals...

    Maybe Mr.Principle would like to purchase and send this pretty teacher some doodads from around the web, just a thought!