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    Spring Opens Vivid

    Monday, April 27, 2015


    Spring has come. 
    It is stunning. 

    Just the way I had imagined spring should be while winter clung on in my wilderness world of past. 

    When our souls stirred for something fresh, and your wish is for blossoms fragrant with hope. 

    Spring opened, vivid. 

    As if the hem of holiness has been draped over this earth. 

    While we hosted the loveliest of visitors 
    Roger’s dear sister, husband and sweet baby
    came south
    blessed us with a visit.

    We ventured beyond what has become familiar. 
    Took to the country with it’s
    rolling hills blanketed in blooms. 

    I have moments, of great longing, for all I left behind, 
    and then God blesses me with 
    Spring and visitors, 

    Radiant fields dappled in beauty. 

    And I can see anew His gifts. 
    Simple, sweet, perfect. 


    Sunset at the Pond

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    We have been out and about. 
    Engaged with the great explore of this here new world of ours. 
    This spring we have marvelled at all the new discoveries in nature. 
    Texas has given us a refreshing exhale after our ‘few’ gentle winter months. 
    Frogs, chirping,
    blossoms and new shades of ever expanding greenery.
    Fresh-warming air with longer evenings. 

    We seem to be spending many of our sunsets at the neighbourhood pond. 
    Barefoot, buckets and nets.
    and a great many moments embraced by God’s goodness.