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    Monday, October 24, 2011

    ~ Its evening and the hush of babes is to be savoured for a few hours! I have found my seat… finally having a moment to introduce yet another ~ and last of our new pets. Our fluffy sweetness joined us this spring and has been a great asset to the ‘mousy murder rampage’ that takes place on every farm! ~

    ~ Her name is Moppet ~

    ~ Like all the animal names on this ‘farm’ we have taken them from the enchanting pages and wonderful imagination of Beatrix Potter. Just yesterday Davina was asking if we will be naming our baby after a Beatrix Potter character! ~  

    ~ Barns ~

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    This land provided a great amount of little barns which gave room for a little creativity…

    The barns were built on the lowest point of three slopes so they all needed to be lifted and a proper underground drainage system needed to be installed.

    We then went about painting them which was coming along great until it rained (a rarity out here) and we found that the roofing was incompetent at keeping moisture out! So new roofs it was!

    A chicken run was added with a beautiful handmade gate. The inside of the chicken coup was white-washed, a window and chicken boxes installed, allowing my flock of feathered friends to receive a warmly welcome!

    Loads of chips were added to the area pulling everything together just in time for the leaves to cover the area.

    I love this space. We have a few ideas of future animals we would like ‘welcome’ to these barns, though I am thinking I will wait until my children can take on the majority of the responsibility! In the mean time I will love to complete this area with touches of charm, a fun thing to plan and look forward to next spring.

    Of course the credit of the handy work for the above must be given to my older brother Jason and my Dad, two handymen extraordinaires!

    Now that one major project is complete you would think we would breathe for a moment or two but no…

    This week our things from Nigeria arrived leaving 117 boxes in the wake! I have unpacked them all but my house looks sadly disarrayed… and we ordered a year’s worth of food from a Natural Food distributor which arrived last night all wanting to be organized! I am praying now that my nesting instincts will kick in full force and I will whip around get everything set in its place!

    ~ After ~

    ~ Before ~

    ~ Flock of Feathers ~

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    ~ Ruler of the Roost, Mr. Hunka-Muncka ~

    ~ Henny Penny ~

    ~ Cecily Parsley ~

    ~ PipKin & Mrs. Mumby ~

    ~ Aunt Pettitoes ~

    ~ Chippy Hackee ~

    ~ The hen house where my lovely ladies live and lay ~ governed by their handsome black roaster ~ 

    ~ A Boy and his Pup ~

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    ~ A Boy ~

    ~ A Pup ~

    ~ A Boy and his Pup ~

    {A beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever joined our growing clan. Chosen specifically for their calm, obedient and Protective nature! Protective as in ‘I pray and hope this Pup will fallow my little guy into every out of reach place he wonders off to’…
    Protective as in warding and warning off the Grizzlies, Cougars, Black nuisances that have been frequenting our property these last autumn weeks. Our family christened her Tabitha, I believe I have heard my little guy slip the word "Tabs" more than once out of his generally
     none vocal mouth!}

    ~ Treats from my Dutch Land ~

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    ~ The only good that comes from him being away… ~

    ~ Is the goods he comes home with! ~