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    Email Address: rogerandrosaleen@gmail.com

    Hello and Welcome,

    I am so glad you are here; I am amazed you are here! I must admit to some ‘oldsome’ and character tendencies of mine. I am still a tad flabbergasted by this whole wild thing called ‘wide web’ and am very clumsy around technology! I un-bashfully cling to the old way of friendship. Wanting nothing more than to welcome you into my home, serve you tea and visit long and sweet. I would love to drink you in, savoring every moment. While living abroad and missing those moments of hospitality, I found these pages to be a way, warming loved ones afar and meeting with you daily. Your friendship has blessed me more then you know!

    I shy away from face book and twitter because it is simply not me. I have loved your comments, but have been terrible at responding and that broke my heart, I worried you thought I did not care. I am much better at responding to email and so if you wish to share your sweet and welcomed voice slip me a note, I will certainly respond.  

    Sweet friends another way I cherish you is by daily praying for you. For the most part of every day I am alone with my thoughts and spend much of those moments communicating with heaven. I would be humbled to carry prayers for you. As discreetly as tucking your needs safely in my inbox, describing in as much detail as feels comfortable. I would gently hold every prayer close to my heart and seal your request with confidentially. Let me walk along side you, lifting your load, loving you through my care, whispering to heaven what hangs heavy in your heart. May I pray with you?