• The Balcony

    Friday, July 24, 2015

    I thought of taking a nap during this unusually tranquil afternoon, five of my half-dozen rambunctious lovelies are napping, with the wee one’s early nap lingering right into the others afternoon quiet time, remarkably they have all slip away to the peaceful land of nod, 
    while the oldest is far away on what seems to be some thrilling adventure amongst the pages of her latest novel. 
    This quiet is stunning!
     I experience it so rarely at this hour, I could not waste its pristine solitude on sleep. 
    Here I sit with a brimming cup of steamy hot organic, dark roasted hazelnut coffee, 
    cello music softly filling the silence and a blank page of endless possibilities. 
    I should write about something thoughtful or meaningful yet instead I will add to my slowly growing collection of house pictures. 

    In Texas there is something that nearly every house has, which still seems remarkable to this simple-country-girl, and ever so dramatic!
    My Mom calls it Sound-of-music meets Gone-with-the-Wind.
    Our musical children say the acoustics are best from its lofty station and many a concert has thus been performed. 
    It is a balcony over looking the front entrance on one side and the living room on the other. 

    A balcony, in this very house! 

    Linking our girls room. I was at loss as to how to use this space, other then performing arts that is. 
    There was a desk tucked into the space and so we made it into a crafting area for the tidy ladies of the home and have successfully maintained a 
    No Male Usage
    rule for nearly a year. 
    Unbelievably, it has been a brilliant and constant use of space. 
    With one of our girls almost always crafting away in the balcony!