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    Pulau Langkawi

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Our first family holiday ever! The only thing we wanted for this holiday was sun and sea. We spent five days on a coastal island called Langkawi. We rented a cabana five steps from white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water. We would wake to the sound of tropical birds alarming us the sun was up, we went to breakfast in an
    "open air" restaurant, it had no walls so you were completely surrounded by the jungle. After breakfast we would grab our swim gear and books, go lie in the sun until lunch, eat, go lie in the sun. I have never experienced anything quite so relaxing, private beach, the sound of waves, palm trees over head. We did venture out to go on a cable car up the mountain where we saw breathtaking views of the surrounding area and Thailand. The resort offered some fun, Roger enjoyed time jet-skiing, and we had a romantic dinner for two on the ocean watching the sun set. The island and beaches are still so pristine and natural, I want to live there! Marion was so happy spending hours playing with her sand toys, collecting shells, running in and out of the ocean, monkeys in the trees over head, what more could a kid want? It was Davina's first ocean experience, she most definetly loved the sand. I again realized how much I love the ocean when we got off the plane and the sea air meet me I felt like I was home, hearing the waves lull me of to sleep, waking to the views, peaceful! Roger has been reminding me I am a prairie girl now, but I know I have ocean in my blood and that never really goes away!

    Cable car

    Dinner for two.

    Our Home

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    I never thought I would call a swanky downtown apartment home. I have always wanted to experience what it would be like to live in a high rise right in the heart of a lively city. I never thought it would be in Kaula Lampur, Malaysia! We rented a eighteenth floor, three bedroom serviced apartment just one block from Roger's work. It has a beautiful pool and a kids club with free drop in a gym and buffet breakfast every morning. We were excited to get all our things from Canada and finally make a home. I have been enjoying shopping and decorating with my Asian goods. After a month of eating out, we were all relived to have a home cooked meal. The first meal I made at home Marion looked at me funny and said " Mom you remember how to cook?" Today I went to China town and bought flowers, I got so excited over the cheap prices that I bought anything I liked! I returned home to look over what I bought four dozen roses, three bundles of cluster orchids, carnations for Marion's room, and a large bouquet of hybrid roses, all for twenty bucks! I almost fainted with joy! Now that my condo is covered in flowers, candles are lit and I am looking out over the amazing city views. I now wish my friends and family could come and visit me in my new home. Tea any one? And just as I put the finishing touches on this home, pictures came in from our new place in Africa.... Marion asked me what our address is? I answered her question, she then proceeded to tell me she thinks she should put a mailbox on her suit case! I think she is embracing this no roots thing! The pictures are of the lobby of the apartment, views from the our condo, the girls so sweet in my bed, I hope the video works for you. I miss every on alot more now that I have a home but no visitors.

    The Mandarin Oriental

    Saturday, October 6, 2007

    We just moved out of the Mandarin this week (into our permanent residence...we'll have pics of this soon...I've been asked a few times "where do you live?"). It was tough to say good-bye. Malaysia is still a developing country but Kuala Lumpur City Center isn't exactly roughing it.

    The Mandarin from my work.

    Marion's first week of "pre-school".

    Davina's almost first crawl.

    Mall beside the hotel.

    Inside the mall.

    Batu Caves

    Friday, October 5, 2007

    The most popular attraction in Kuala Lumpur are these limestone caves the Hindus have turned into a temple. It's just at the base of the highlands east of the city. There are monkeys lining the stairs on the way up. In the caves there were various incense burning sessions going on and baby's being dedicated. As nice as it was, I think some of the tourists were more fascinated with Davina and Marion then the sites. Look at all the chinese friends Marion made below! -Roger

    271 steps

    A monkey on every one (almost)

    At the top

    In the cave

    Everyone loves (blond) Marion

    70 years of hair

    60 cent coconuts for 35 degree heat