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    ~ Corner for a Cradle ~

    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    ~ Roger suggested I show up sometime on these pages, kindly informing you sweet friends that travesty has not hit ~

    ~ Simply tiredness ~

    ~ I am greatful and highly relieved to share that I finally managed to prepare for my upcoming sweetness ~

    ~ Still a precious ~ Gender ~ mystery ~

    ~ Due to lack of space in the other nursery we are tucking this new one into a corner of our master bedroom ~

    ~ All is ready for this grand anticipation to be replaced with love at first sight ~

    ~ My endearing midwife visited my home this week and said all was good to birth at home and at anytime now ~

    ~ Blessed music for this waiting mama’s heart! ~

    { I must admit how much I love this ‘corner for a cradle’. I knew exactly what I wanted, but could not find those ‘perfect’ pieces anywhere or at least not in my budget! When all my things came from Africa I told myself to become resourceful and put all this ‘extra’ stuff to good use. The crib bedding was sewed out of curtains which were used in Africa, the chalk board and baskets and tins were all items used in our home in Africa, even the cloth hearts were made by my dear friend who lives in Africa, I feel her love and nearness were added to this special space.  What we were still in need of I was blessed to find used. I have always wished for an organic cradle mattress but the steep price was never justified, until this fourth baby of mine! A beautiful never used organic baby mattress was on kijiji for a quarter of the regular price, thrilled to say the least!  I have also found all the ‘gender neutral’ baby blankets and little outfits organic and gently used from thrift shops and oh so cheap! My heart is full of blessings every time I see this space it makes me thankful to the Lord for his provision and his mercies sent with the newness of life! }