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    On it's way

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Today we finished our annual shipment! Yippee!

    These great guys came...

    And moved all these...

    My four power shoppers rejoiced because the job is done!

    We all waved kisses and good wishes for we will not see it again (hopefully intact and nothing stolen) till October-December!

    He Paints 2

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Hi Darling,
    It's "Amazed" by Jared Anderson.

    "He paints the morning sky with miracles in mind"

    Love you,

    Ahhh Sunday!

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Sunday...the day to slow down. We 'slowed' down with a walk and romp

    Through field

    and stream

    and rolling hills.

    Moments like these!

    "Is there ice-cream cake left in the freezer"? "Yes" was my reply. I guess in kid lingo that means... is there ice-cream cake left in the freezer and can we have some, sitting on the counter, with no plates?

    If I was more fluent in 'kid lingo' I would have caught these two before this happened.

    It was a very cute moment.

    He Paints

    He paints the morning sky with miracles in mind.

    This line from a song kept singing in my head as I saw this blossom erupting beautifully, just it's beauty was a miracle to me soul. My creator has immersed this world in his living art!
    Art powerful enough to heal...

    He paints the morning sky with miracles in mind!

    The quote is from a song that I can not remember it's title or writer...Roger can you please reference it properly for me?

    Tonight it snows!

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    I am unable to sleep. Maybe it is because I know my love is just waking up to start his day, and I am missing him something awful right now. Maybe it’s because my head is spinning with everything that I have to get done in the next few days. Instead of lying in bed wondering when I would fall asleep I though it would be a bit more productive sharing my last few days…

    Calgary is now wearing all four seasons in one day…cold…snow covers her tonight! The crispness of the air is what I have longed to nip at my skin. Even if I freeze…I freeze with delight! I love been home. This land is mine, familiar and loved, it’s home.
    I am hungrily soaking up my friends and family. Making sure my ‘love cup’ is all filled up for the long year of absents ahead of me. We have had all our check-ups with various health professions. These three gals are healthy and good to sail through another year abroad.
    Rogers Mother leaves tomorrow. It will be hard to say good bye to her. She has been a great help to me and has played everything with the girls that grandmas are so good at…tea parties, dolls, hundreds of stories and dozens of cuddles. Thank you so much Mom, I am so grateful for your company, friendship, advice and help.

    To celebrate her time with us we had a delectable feast…all I can say is yummy!

    Here I sign of till a saner hour of the day!


    We had a few gloriously warm days on Canadian soil. Glorious enough to head out side, limbs bare of sweaters, and swing our souls merry.


    Friday, May 15, 2009

    We've been on a book kick the past few days. We have hit up the library and bookstore. It's been book heaven!

    Rogers lovely mother reading to Marion.

    After all those new books this is what my living room looks like!

    This is my cousin Mathew reading Tomas to Davina. He made us cupcakes! They were great Matty (I can still call you that right?)This guy is still available ladies...if any one wants a cupcake making, Tomas reading, very lovable guy...drop me a note and I'll see what I can do!

    Auntie Mir do you notice the sweater? Hand made with an abundance of love to shield my girls from the cold… it is still working... thanks again my dear friend.
    She needed a little extra comfort after the four vaccine shots she had this morning.

    And this gal had two shots.

    This face!

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    This is the face I have waited to see for twelve months… precious perfection!

    KateLynn May Duits

    The flowers in my garden have waited for my arrival to bloom. This flowery face of spring was planted years ago by my mother as a renewable gift… I got to see the splendor of it come to life this very morning.

    This picture is for Daddy to see his little darling’s blue eyes. Shes a missing ya, she has you name on her breath…did you receive the kisses she sent you way tonight?

    Happy Birthday Roger

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Dear Roger,

    Today I woke with you on my mind; I lingered a bit longer over sweet thoughts of you. It’s your birthday. A day where I get to celebrate who you are. Really every day is a day to celebrate you, but today is set aside to cherish you. This morning I let my mind wander back through my life with you. Your love to me is a treasure, beyond this world’s wealth.
    I get the joy of seeing every part of who you are. All the depths and levels of your character. You have been successful at everything you have set your heart on. I see how hard you work, how ethical and integral you are in your job. I see how you have been promoted every year of your career. I have seen how people high up in your company respect and listen to you. I am proud of the praise you have received countless times within your company. But I love it that you are eager to return to your family every night. I have seen people from all over come to you for advice and leadership. You have always spoken wisdom to them. I love that my girls are so secure under your love and adoration. I love that my girls know and seek God because of how you have lovingly led them to him. I love how young and old admire and seek your company. I know how I have flourished with your loving care towards me. The first moment I saw you I knew I would some day marry you. Years latter when we finally met and you fell instantly in love with me, I was finally able to see you were like no other person I had ever met. You were wise beyond your years and capable of leading me through life. To this day I marvel at God’s goodness to me for choosing me out of billions, to share in your life. I am so blessed that I get to experience your sweet love; I get to be your love. I pray your last year being twenty will be as full and wonderful as the last.

    Happy-Birthday my love.


    Family Photo 2005

    Around Town: Part 4

    Here are some treasures I have found around Houston, to make up for not being able to shop at my favorite store; Lillaberry in Sydney B.C., as I do not think I will make it to my dear Island this trip. There are just so many deals going on...the perks of a recession!

    Around Town: Part 3

    Three years ago we came to Houston on a trip as a family. Despite being two years old, Marion remembers every fun thing we did. She has wanted to return and re-live the fun of that holiday. We cann't do everything but we did take her to the aquarium restaurant and amusement park. This is a restaurant where every wall is a massive fish tank; home to thousands of fish and sharks. Outside is an amusement park. Basically it is the best place to take kids to, even if it is a bit fabricated for me.

    Around Town: Part 2

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Roger will never take for ganted his not so raw lunch!

    Oh the joys of Texan food.

    Around Town: Part 1

    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    We made it through thirty-one hours of travel! It is wonderful to be on American soil again. I am giddy with excitement… The first and very first thing we did was wander the wonderful isles of Whole Foods Market!

    My favourite store! I will never take for granted the pleasures of organic shops, friendly people, organised streets and people who obey the traffic rules, and this beautifully coloured raw lunch…

    I hope you are having as delightful a day as I am.