• Happy Birthday Roger

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Dear Roger,

    Today I woke with you on my mind; I lingered a bit longer over sweet thoughts of you. It’s your birthday. A day where I get to celebrate who you are. Really every day is a day to celebrate you, but today is set aside to cherish you. This morning I let my mind wander back through my life with you. Your love to me is a treasure, beyond this world’s wealth.
    I get the joy of seeing every part of who you are. All the depths and levels of your character. You have been successful at everything you have set your heart on. I see how hard you work, how ethical and integral you are in your job. I see how you have been promoted every year of your career. I have seen how people high up in your company respect and listen to you. I am proud of the praise you have received countless times within your company. But I love it that you are eager to return to your family every night. I have seen people from all over come to you for advice and leadership. You have always spoken wisdom to them. I love that my girls are so secure under your love and adoration. I love that my girls know and seek God because of how you have lovingly led them to him. I love how young and old admire and seek your company. I know how I have flourished with your loving care towards me. The first moment I saw you I knew I would some day marry you. Years latter when we finally met and you fell instantly in love with me, I was finally able to see you were like no other person I had ever met. You were wise beyond your years and capable of leading me through life. To this day I marvel at God’s goodness to me for choosing me out of billions, to share in your life. I am so blessed that I get to experience your sweet love; I get to be your love. I pray your last year being twenty will be as full and wonderful as the last.

    Happy-Birthday my love.


    Family Photo 2005