• Near Your Alter

    Thursday, November 1, 2012



    There was but a three day warning that our fifth was to be expected.

    The very week my husband started the new working routine of being away

    Far North

    Week gone - Weekend home


    A whirlwind of change

    But God always calms the wild

    Graces me with pockets of peace

    Preciously rare moments that hem the horizons of hectic days

    Dawn and Dusk

    Hours of Heaven

    Even the sparrow finds a home,

     The swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place

    Near your altar

    Oh Lord of heaven, my King and my God.

    What joy for those who can live in your house

    always singing your praises.

    Psalm 84
     My home has a new hum

    Patters of feet, a candid of conversations, lullabies,

    Whir of laundry, bruised exclamations, heralds of happy, trails of tears.

    Exhaustion is real, so is the heap of never conquered laundry, streaks of smudged finger prints and an endless scattering of toys with children who never remember to clean them up!

    At any given time a child needs my attention.

    Yet my home is the host of


    In the spirit of each of my blessings!

    I pray the wisdom of a sparrow

    That I may spread my wings safely over my young

    The promise is that




    Will fill my


    Knowing the assurance that there is nothing more beautiful

     Then a life rooted upon an

     Alter of service.