• Love Writen on the Lines of Life

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Feelings written with ink placed with thought on pages, words meant for another are precious. Letters given from my love are placed tenderly among my treasures, stored as jewels crowning my heart. The tangible love Roger wrote on the lines of our life this summer will dazzle bright forever. He wrote his love in the early mornings when he made breakfast, the way he unabashedly played with the girls, as he froze in the cold and sweated in the heat all to perfect the outer world of our house, time stood still when he looked deep into my eyes, the strength he gave as he held my hand through the birth of our boy, it was shouted as he gazed with pride at his baby boy. I can never relive these last months, but I will always feel the love that was given. I said good-bye and my heart was pained because of this time that ends with his departure. And as the tears slipped over our kiss I gave him a letter written with ink, pale in comparison to the actions of love he wrote me every moment of the last months, I am Thankful and will hold this summer tight with joy.