• Q-Full Ranch

    Sunday, June 7, 2009

    Here is the official welcome to Q-Full Ranch. I will give you directions. Drive north. When you get to a part of the country where you wonder if any one lives, turn directly into the forest (on a small dirt road). Drive an hour or so then when you really wonder if any one lives there, look for the Q-Full Ranch sign. Turn onto an even smaller dirt road, keep driving for twenty minutes and you will see this

    You have come to meet nature at it’s finest, peace to it’s fullest and air that resembles diamonds.
    Daily nature composes the finest of poetry, expressing her self through the changing of the sun, reflections that dance on a ripple across the water, trees bursting with green, meadows covered in wild flowers, songs of a bird ring clear through the silent atmosphere. Beauty so rare. Beauty so real.

    The road into the ranch.

    Q-Full lake.

    The dance of dusk.



    Little girls playhouse.

    Fresh bouquet of wild flowers.

    Local master piece.

    My seventeen year old brother covered a quarter acre in this beautiful fence. This fence is made out of pine beetle logs. Very Eco friendly!

    The neighbours house.

    Q-Full Ranch light system.