• My Calgary peeps!

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    The high I mean HIGHLIGHT of my home trip is visiting with my dears. Roger instructed me that my main focus should be “filling my love tank” with all my friends and families. To manage a long year with out each of them!

    I managed between all the chit-chating to sneak in some pictures.

    This is my little sister and her baby Memphis! Heaven to finally hold and cherish my new little nephew!

    Heaven to see my sister glowing with mother hood!

    I wish I got a picture of my sisters handsome husband glowing with fatherhood!

    My cousin Tineke, and her little girl Kiara.

    My dear brother, love of Marion and Davina’s life. The one and only Timothy Duits!

    Timothy and Davina play time.

    And for all of you who I never got a picture of…well I never wanted to interrupt the joy of been with you with picture taking!