• She's Five

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    Today we celebrate Marion turning FIVE! Like magic she came into our lives. Her birth was spectacular. She was mesmerising. Roger and I were changed people the moment her first cry echoed through the room and deep into our hearts. The stars shone brighter that night and the world seemed perfect as we held our little Marion. At the final moments of each day, Daddy and Mommy creep into your room and witness our peaceful sleeping beauty, we mention that another day is over never to be reclaimed. How quickly you are maturing. Every moment bringing us a step closer to when you will be ‘a lady’ as you say it. Though we marvel at your growth…we love this brief time in your and our life when you are, our treasured little lady.

    We wish you a day of splendour and sparkle. A year full with new adventures in growth and learning, that every day laughter will fill your ears and peace will fill your heart and that excitement and wonder will greet you with the dawn.

    Love always your privileged and honoured Daddy and Mommy.