• Doll House Gift

    Saturday, February 7, 2009

    Marion opened her Birthday gifts this morning. That lovely snow kept us from returning home in time for Marion to open her gifts... in which I have been waiting for so long to give to her. I was given a beautiful wooden doll house by a family before they moved out of Africa. I have repainted it and ordered doll furniture online, I then made blankets, pillows and rugs. Marion's Grandparents added to the doll house giving so she has a very well furnished home! It was hard to keep my hands off of it ALL DAY, while Marion had her fun. But if I took a pic in the other direction you would have seen the un-packing drama...in which I spent the day putting things away. Not as glamorous as doll house play and much less epic then Marion's play!

    Madeline books from Bampa and Bama Milner


    Nusery in the eaves, how romantic.

    Kitchen and bedroom.

    Dinning and sitting room. Where apperently the Queen and Uncle Timmy came for tea. Marion said "they get along great, they talk about me"

    This picture does not do the outsides justice. Really it is so sweet, I just din't get the right shot of it.