• An Apron a day...keeps the Dr. away.

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Well not so much...we all have been fighting the cold this week. It started with my dear Roger getting sick. I loved nursing him with my herbal concoctions, then Marion got sick. She was so helpless and oh so adorable. I kept gushing over each of them as they were sick...but now that I have what they had I feel miserable and not at all as cute as the rest had looked!

    I have been happily enjoying myself while I make aprons. The girls and I each have a new one. I made them reversible so as to meet different moods...I think my apron is the most used item I wear. And it was high time I got one I loved!

    Finished product of play group. Paper flowers, to herald the coming of spring...

    Which then inspired me to make and hang these above Davina's crib

    Which now makes me think of her (Davina) being so cute the other day. She packed he play suite cases and sat on her little chair (which I recovered for her) She was calling Bampa (meaning Grandpa) and what I heard her say was " Bampa! I come on the skies (meaning airplane)okay! I come!" Then she would giggle to herself!

    Mom:"Marion you made this"? Marion:"Yes". Mom:"How do you know what a scale is?" Marion:"I just know!" Marion:"See the apples on the left and a banana on the right." Mom:"Marion how do you know left from right?!" Marion:"I just know!"

    And then this afternoon as I was sick on the couch I could not help but pull myself to take this picture of the girls waiting for their daddy to return home for lunch! What anticipation!