• Fast Snaps

    Friday, December 17, 2010

    I laid up some tasty candy cane brownies in my tin this Friday. Seeing as I blogged about the same treat at the same time last year I thought I would save you the repeat! I did manage to grab my new cam and snap a few shots of my roasting hot children. I am still navigation my way around the buttons and such, there is a art, and I am naturally clumsy!

    Our new friend Tunde joined us for the day. We got a kick out of his inquisitiveness over our lives. He was mesmerized by my washing machine. He played happily with Tomas the Train for an hour. And wanted to try Marion's bike something fierce. It was fun having him around and it seemed as if he enjoyed him self also. Though he never said much I could tell by his face. His parting words were wondering when he can return to play football(soccer) with Roger!

    We are going to spend the weekend with friends at their home. They live over at the coveted Chevron compound! I will let the pages of this blog rest over the next few days while I visit.

    I already look forward to meeting you back here for the final festives of the holiday season!

    Well dear friends I would appreciate you taking a long sweet sip of eggnog for me(year three without this saviour drink!) And please know I have prayed that each of you sweet friends will have a weekend filled to the brim of sweetness, peace and joy.