• Granola

    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    Here is what I am working on today. Granola!

    This summer while I was busy having a baby my dear husband put our annual shipment together. He did a wonderful job running all around the city gathering enough dippers and baby food to last the year through. But I must say all the rest of our supplies were on the meagre side. Note to self: Don’t let a frugal engineer put a year’s worth of supplies and food together. We are steadily running out of essentials like cereal! And with a small box of cereal being about $10-20. Dollars here in Nigeria, I thought I would try my hand at granola.
    It turned out tasty and healthy and much cheaper then buying cereal or having it ‘care packaged’ in!


    10c. Whole Oats
    1-1/2c. Wheat germ or bran
    ½ Hemp seeds
    1c. Sunflower seeds
    1c. Honey
    1 ½c. Coconut oil
    2tsp Vanilla
    2tsp Salt
    2tsp Cinnamon
    2tsp Ginger powder

    Mix the dry ingredients together. Combine the honey, oil and spices, pour and mix into the dry ingredients. Bake at a low heat 250 for a two hours (or until golden brown). Stirring it every half-hour. After about 1 hour add – optional – 1c. Coconut 1c. Minced almonds (or any other nut) ½c. Dried cranberries. When your granola is finished baking and has cooled down, if wanted a little extra crunch add 1c. grape nuts.




    I will be taking little break from blogging this weekend. Roger and I (meaning Roger) will be ‘cleaning and organising’ this blog space. I am also working on something I am very excited about! It includes all of you! Thank you for your time and I am already excited about meeting back here in the New Year!