• Heartfelt Wish

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Dear Friends,

    I had a perfect plan of writing you Christmas blessings, greeting you on that Merry Day. But, all those words were turned into prayers as our internet has been down for days!

    May my late words warm you as this holiday fades.

    You dear friends have made this year wonderful. I have found friends and companions and wonderful people to journey my life with. Every day when I write, adding pages to my life story I think of you. I may not know your names or faces or where or who you are, but I cherish you dearly and seep your presence with my gratefulness in daily prayers. I desire to meet you, as a friend and serve you through the flurries and details of my life. Sweet friends how I wish to bless you! May you know I band with you as we journey this next year together.

    My thoughts are yours this season.

    May I humbly offer you a gift…

    A devotion of my heart…

    Daily prayers ushered…

    That your life may be fragrant with Peace, Hope, Joy and Love

    Sincerely your Friend