• Delightful

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    I think I am now officially old enough to live my life.

    From here on in I will confidently announce that I have had twenty-seven full years of maturing! No more embellishing my age!

    I had delights to relish all day. Mr.Hubs took all three kids out of my bed in the morning allowing my to sleep (solid) until 10 a.m., when I woke all the dishes from our dinner party the night before had been cleaned (pots and all!) I was honoured with original masterpiece cards from my children. A friend made me a meal. My four-year-old nephew said he would gift me a necklace or a picture of his hunting knife, my three-year-old nephew said he would let me pet his moose (which he caught just for me!) I received birthday notes in my inbox and mailbox. My Christmas tree got decorated. My family still had a birthday bash (though the guest of honour was thousand of miles away) See pictures above! I ate a ton of calories because we all know they never count on birthdays. Mr. Hubs completed the day perfectly by rubbing my feet and talking about the sweet bling he got me as a gift. Which was meant to arrive on my B-day! I am (sorta) patiently awaiting its arrival… Can not wait to share what it is… but until it is in my hands…

    Needless to say I felt grandly cherished!

    Here is to twenty-seven years down!