• Kindred Spirits

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Our weekend over at the Chevron 'resort' was superb. It included swinging, swimming, jumpy castles, parks, sundresses, sun hats, heat, humidity and golden sunsets. Of course when you are falling in love with another family the ache of being away from loved ones is slightly soothed.

    As Anne Shirley said “kindred spirits are not as hard to find as I once thought”! Sleeping over with three little kids is the true test of a friendship! We definitely emerged from the weekend with this dear family imbedded in our hearts for life! Each person has a perfectly suited friend. Eric and Roger are a good-looking duo of intelligence, with a flare of western charm! Anna, and I have as many parallels of similarity as one could find in another person. She has a love for the same grand God, and as I do, admits to the constant need for generous amounts of grace, she beautifully mothers and I have found her mothering heart buried as dangerously deep as mine. We each have a 2004 baby, 2007 baby, 2010 baby! A match made in heaven founded on the soils of Africa!

    I pray your weekend was as warm as ours.