• Mom

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    I have been enjoying the visit of my Mom. Who managed to sneak away from her bustling family for a just a few days. I worked to get the guest room in lovely order. The guest room has the most wonderful windows that frame and inspire peace and rest.
    My sister and I found the sweetest bird feeder for my Mom. Because birds are a common love of both my Mom and mine, I got the same feeder for myself so that we may watch and enjoy the birds together, from different windows in different home and different Provinces. Been Canadian you crave spring. For months Canadians have to hold their breath as the rest of the world erupts with spring life. Both my Mom and I say that birds are what keep us going through those rough brown early months of a Canadian spring.
    Along with my Mom coming to see me she also had a brilliant plan to haul us up to the Alberta Home School conference. Yesterday we spent the day in home-school land! Oh what joy! Roger and I have finally made the six years in the making decision, to attempt to home educate our little learner, this first year of her school journey. This year might be a bit scattered for us, here and there around the world…and so it is a good year to try something we both have desired to try, home-school! It is a massive responsibility! One we humbly and with open hearts and minds, pursue for our young budding family.
    Yesterday was a great day putting me in a precarious spot, surrounded by books and educational resources! I came away with many wonderful things that have me happily worked-up.
    Our legs were walked to rubbery uselessness yesterday and so this morning we recovered with a leisure whole-wheat pancake breakfast, made by Marion and her new cookbook from Grandma! Davina received the cutest little picnic basket which beckoned to be used this afternoon in a sunny picnic way. It has been a delightful few days; a visit I hope will linger in time.