• Set

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Excuse my delight while sharing with you my most recent treasure find. Hidden away in a dusty quonset I found my set. A dish set complete, charmed in green and roses, aged with just enough character to make me smile and sweeten my tea a touch more. As you can see I have filled my cabinet, most of the dishes have been brought home from the thrift shops and all I needed was a set to complete my forming eclectic collection. The only thing that could fully bring my sweet set to life would be sitting with one of you, having some tea enjoying your presence!

    Before and After: We bought the table and hutch set on a used furniture site here in Calgary. I had my sister and Dad pick it up for me before I arrived home. I had someone paint it white and then I distressed it. Getting my furniture this way was a huge cost saver and ensured I could get the look I desired for my kitchen...light, bright and airy!

    I'm all set!