• When Daddies Pray There is Fruit...or Fruit Salad at Least

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    I have had a few ‘special’ days getting my girls emotionally back on track after the good-byes were said to Daddy. Their rather epic crash into whinny, crying, nothing works out, lets fight and be miserable…valley of the shadow of insanity, was all the fun it sounds! One evening I had a full fledged ‘venting love letter (email)’ to Roger who at that moment felt very far away! I then went to bed and in the morning a lovely ‘reassuring love letter (email)’ greeted me. Roger told me he was praying for his darling girls! He said a bunch of other sweet things…but those are romance words for my ears and heart alone! Any way…he prayed and honestly these two little darlings are award-winning go for the gold girls! Marion even made fruits salad all on her own initiative and effort! Today she made me a salad for lunch! They have been so pleasant and chipper and have completely settled down. The power of a Daddies Pray! Keep praying Mr...maybe tomorrow Davina will learn to vacuum and Marion might have a burning passion to wash the toilets! I will gladly settle for happy children...even if the toilets still only get cleaned by me.