• 10 a.m and Sitting Again

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    You know you are getting along in your pregnancy when by 10 a.m. you are sitting, again, with a cup of tea and no intentions of moving off your couch. Of course when you have such a view from your couch you can hardly feel bad, highly up lifting. I am watching the morning birds at my feeder. The trees are clean and crisp after the night showers and the sky is ‘Alberta’ blue. Marion’s voice is making its way through my open window, she is singing her way through the bushes collecting ‘treasures’ from the forest. The living room is right off the kitchen, separated by french doors, the living area is joined with a room we refer to as the music room (the desk area). Though we have no instruments in it now, soon we will have a piano and our violins, along with Rogers dearly loves Laravee…my one and only true competition in this marriage! All the furniture came from used places around the city. The big wardrobe has stolen my heart fully, it is such a charm. The room looks splendid, it still needs touches…that I am sure will come, as garage sale season is upon us!