• Gone Again

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    This moment last week was swirling with anticipation as our man made his returned to his forlorn ladies in waiting! Now he is off again! Leaving behind his three girls and ever-active unborn son. I winced at the pain of saying good-bye yet again. An overwhelming desire to have a prego-emotional episode in the bustle of the airport taunted me desperately. I held back those tears for after the sun has set and I am alone in my bed. I wanted to say good-bye with strength and love. Cherishing the sweetness of the week we just shared and looking forward with joy to the time we would be back together. If I can muster my strength and emotional capabilities, these next five weeks will fly by…or so I am pep-talking my self. Women have done much grander things in their thirty-third week of pregnancy then I have to face here on.

    It is a tad bit romantic knowing my husband will be thinking of me as he flies away, and that my heart is been held captive by him awaiting with heartfelt desire!

    If you read this in Germany dear Roger, know we have had a sunken face, heart heavy, wishing you were hear day. Even with the sun shinning brilliantly and the birds singing beautifully, missing you has not escaped our countenance!