• Clean Nest

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Saying good bye after two months of having my dear little sister with me, was way more emotional then I expected. I had every emotion you can think of as I waved her off. Such joy that she is in my life, gratefulness at the pleasant months we shared together in sisterdom, an awful letdown feeling at having to let her go yet again. As I drove away from her (and my Mom) I felt so lonely.
    It has been a month of pure pleasure as all my dearly treasured people have come for visits. I have soaked them in, wanting and knowing the joy of having them would be short lived.
    As I was driving I asked my self what I needed for that day to help lift my mood…a Starbucks frappachino EXTRA WHIP maybe a pedi/mani to brighten my feet and hands, I contemplated a romp through the book store…and then it hit…NESTING! I got baby fever. I realised I wanted my baby checklist done, now! I gave in freely picking up every little precious thing that came in inch sized sweetness. I rubbed all the soft materials against my skin and choose prints, textures and colours that made my mothering heart beat happily. I then rushed home to make a list of all the things I would like to have ready before my darling boy arrives.

    One is a herbal cream I make that is gentle and pure enough for the innocent skin of a new born. Very easy to make and extremely gratifying to the nesting woman I currently am! This batch turned out so beautiful.

    While my Mom was here she told me how to make my own laundry soap. I gathered the ingredients yesterday as I ‘nested’ my way through the shops. This morning my girls and I spent all of ten minutes making the best-cheapest-gentlest laundry soap on the planet! I was so impressed. It cost all of a two-dollars for a few good months supply of washing power. What delights me is that I can use my new jug to scoop out my hypoallergenic lavender scented soap, turning a rather mundane task into something with touches of happiness.

    And so today I have been washing baby sheets and tiny booties, folding every little sleeper with joyful anticipation! I am nesting, and it is helping with the loneliness.